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Mobile Laser Skirmish 

North Queensland

Laser Skirmish is a new generation, high-tech, recreational activity that is a blast for ages 7-100.

Mobile Laser Skirmish North Queensland is based in Townsville and as the name says we are 'MOBILE', we will go almost anywhere from Bowen to Tully and west to Charters Towers, we have even been as far west as Croydon.

If you have a good size backyard or access to a big park, an office building/block, some bushland, we can bring Mobile Laser Skirmish North Queensland to you.







Our Aussie-built taggers produce authenic battlefield sounds and fire completely harmless infrared beams of light (out to 200m in daylight, 400m at night) that register 'hits' - "ouch!" - on your opponent's tagger.

Try it today - you will not be disappointed!  

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